Dr. Félix Albertos Marco

Teacher & Researcher at Campus Universitari Igualada-UdL
Universitat de Lleida


  Spanish Partners Meeting - First Lego League 2020
  Tenure-Track Lecturer Staff
  TecnoCRA En Los Medios
  Associate Professor Accreditation
  First Lego League Igualada 2019
  Taller De Usabilidad
  Taller De Usabilidad
  Working On The First Lego League Igualada 2019
  Perfect Landing
  Taller De Usabilidad
  Presentation Of The HTML5 Tutorial At ICWE 2018
  Snake Game Source Code
  Doom Like Game Developed In Javascript Using Native Web Technologies
  HTML5 Tutorial At The ICWE 2018
  Informatics For All: The Strategy
  In Game Test For Color Blindness
  Spanish International Workshop On Smart Learning
  Raycasting In HTML5
  Doctoral Dissertation
  Herramienta De Consulta Del Factor De Impacto Y Otras Métricas
  Active Teaching And Learning Strategies
  Interacción 2016 Conference
  5th Workshop On Distributed User Interfaces: Distributing Interactions
  2015 ACM International Conference On Interactive Tabletops And Surfaces
  Mobiscool: What Happens When Students Go Offline In Mobile Devices?
  Teaching Methods For Inspiring The Students Of The Future
  Offline Modle Framework: Case Study
  Offline Model Framework: Basics
  Drawer: An Innovative Teaching Method For Blended Learning At “ISEC 2013”
  Model-Driven And Agile Engineering For The Web Workshop
  ICWE 2013 PhD Symposium
  Offline Web Applications: A New Model For Blended Learning
  Workshop On Distributed User Interfaces: Models, Methods And Tools
  Synchronous Collaboration In Moodle Through Shared Workspaces
  Cliente Interactivo Para La Intercomunicación Mediante RFID Con Paneles Informativos
  Sharing Resources Using Web Technologies
  Proof Of Concept “Web Hole”
  DesktopUP: Second Award Imagine Cup 2010 Spanish Edition
  MIPS Emulator
  Custom CMS
  Teaching Certificate (CAP)
  Snake In C And Assembler
  FAT16 – Visual Interface
  Process Synchronization With JBaci
  Virtual Memory Simulator