Collaboration within Moodle: sharing documents in real-time with Drag&Share

Albertos Marco, Félix and Penichet, V. M. R. and Gallud, J. A.
In Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Interaction Design in Educational Environments (ICEIS 2012)ISBN 978-989-8565-17-4, pages 137-142.

Moodle provides with tools to perform collaborative tasks. On these tasks, students are able to share documents and information. But the means provided by Moodle are not enough to perform some collaborative tasks, such as share documents in real-time. In this scenario users must to be aware of what is going on the system effectively. We propose the use of Drag&Share within Moodle, a collaborative activity that allow users to share synchronously resources in real-time. Through this activity, teachers will be able to easily provide a shared workspace to students. There, students can share all kind of resources and be aware of what is going on the system, which are participating and what are they doing. All these features using standard technologies, such as HTML5.

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