Offline Web Applications: A New Model for Blended Learning

Albertos Marco, Félix and Penichet, V. M. R. and Gallud, J. A. and Winckler, M.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Interaction Design in Educational Environments (ICEIS 2013) ISBN 978-989-8565-65-5, pages 54-63.

Learning environments have changed during the last years mainly because the introduction of new technologies. Technology could be use inside the classrooms to support face-to-face scenarios. But the learning process goes beyond the boundaries of face-to-face tuition. Online learning is an emergent field, opening the door to several kinds of learning modalities, such us Blended Learning. There, face-to-face instruction mixes with e-Learning strategies conforming new scenarios. But there is a gap between these approaches. The transition between the classroom and student’s home affects students’ outcomes, mainly because students are distracted from the tasks they are working on. Students are interrupted while changing the context between home and the class. To fill this gap, we propose a model that deals with the problematic of using Blended-Learning strategies in disconnected scenarios. The model uses Web Applications to create Blended-Learning without the need of deploying learning con tent over the Internet, but taken profit of the advantages of the latest web technologies: the HTML5 standard.

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