Interacción 2016 Conference


This year, on Interacción 2016 Conference (Salamanca, Spain), we are presenting the Web Interaction Hub. Nowadays, Web technologies support the creation of new interaction mechanisms that were impossible when the Web was created. Web applications work on a wide range of devices, such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. These devices support many interactive capabilities such as keyboards, touch screens, vibration and accelerometers, among others. Following the ongoing trend of responsive web design, why not enable Web applications to seamlessly adapt interaction to take advantage of available devices at any moment? This work presents the Web Interaction Hub. It is a new approach for designing the distribution, among interactive capabilities, of the interactive elements of Web applications.

To prove the feasibility of the approach, a support tool has been developed: the Web Interaction Hub Plugin. It is aimed at distributing the interaction with any Web application without modifying it. We also present how the Web Interaction Hub Plugin works in existent Web applications. Moodle has been used to show how some Web interaction techniques are distributed, such as the Point&Click and the Speech-to-Text interaction methods.


Interaction mechanisms to save offline work for late synchronization

Slides for the presentation “Distributing Web Interaction Capabilities: The Web Interaction Hub”