HTML5 Tutorial At The ICWE 2018


Next June, I’ll be giving the tutorial “Review of the HTML5 API” at the 18th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2018).

HTML is the Web’s core language for creating content for everyone to use anywhere. It is the standard markup language used to create Web pages and its elements form the building blocks of all Web sites. The number of elements has increased over the years and the interaction is now much richer than at the beginning. It has evolved into HTML5, the latest version of the language. It has introduced new APIs to support synchronous communication, local information management and many other features that were neglected in previous HTML specifications. But, there are also some elements and APIs that have been changed or even removed. As a result, for any person interested on the Web, it is highly recommended to know the current status of the languages and technologies used to build nowadays (and future) Web applications. This tutorial presents and up to date view of the HTML5 standard, showing the evolution of the standard to the current version. The tutorial also includes running examples to present and discuss about the presented concepts

This tutorial is designed for researcher, students and developers with an interest on stay up to date on HTML technologies, especially on the latest APIs and components of the HTML5 language. Basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML is desirable. The tutorial requires a plain text editor and a modern Web browser.

It has a duration of half-day, divided in three parts:

Firstly, a state of the art of the main features and characteristics of the HTML5 standard and its APIS is presented (e.g. Canvas, Service Workers, Web Workers, Web Sockets, …). Secondly, the tutorial is focused in presenting the latest changes within the HTML technology to show how the standard is evolving and how new elements and APIs has been introduced, changed or removed, showing the browse support. In the last part, some of the APIs and elements of the standard are presented in more detail, focusing on their use in case studies and the analysis of running examples. If you want to attend to this tutorial, please visit the ICWE 2018 Web page for more details and instructions on how to registrate for the event.