At first, I put my efforts on understanding how computers work and, lately, to understand how users use computers.


I'm a teacher and researcher at University of Lleida.

I'm interested on Human Computer Interaction, Distributed Interaction, e-Learning and Visualization Techniques, particularly using the Web ;)

In my career

I have worked both in private companies and academic environments, using several technologies to support user interaction with computer systems. Finally, I specialized in the Web, using client and server side technologies for the design, implementation and deployment of Web applications.

On my research, I have focussed on client side Web applications, showing how Internet has made interaction with Web applications possible from almost anywhere and using any device. I have presented how the Web platform can be used to perform tasks using multiple devices in a coordinated manner [Foundations for Distributing the Interaction: Facilitating Universal Access through Responsive Cross Device Applications][Collaborative e-Learning through Drag \& Share in Synchronous Shared Wordspaces], utilizing the interactive resources distributed among them [Distributing Web Interaction Capabilities: The Web Interaction Hub] and, moreover, in situations where there are connectivity issues [A Model-based Approach for Describing Offline Navigation of Web Applications]. I also analyzed how technology, specially HTML, is used to support user interaction, for example to improve user interaction with Web applications [Virtual Rehabilitation on the Web: Analyzing and Improving Interaction in Postures Design]

As a teacher I'm always trying to listening to my students, working with them together and learning new things.